Equipment Kit

︎2   x  flashs profoto B1X, 2 extra batteries
︎2   x  manfrotto flash stands
︎2   x  c-stands with extension arms
︎1   x  camera tripod with head, ref Manfrotto 058B
︎1   x  tower stand Cambo scs (2,80m high)
︎1   x  softbox 60/90 with speedring

︎1   x  softbox 30/120 with speedring
︎1   x  softbox octo4 (120cm) with speedring ︎2   x  white umbrela 105cm
︎2   x  autopoles with expan kit

︎2   x  disc  reflector
︎2   x  magic-arms
︎20 x  c-clamps
︎8   x  B&W polyboards (100/200cm) with poly holders ︎1   x  tungsten fresnel spot 1000W